Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life's Been a Little Crazy

I realize there has been a lack of posts here lately. A very dear friend of mine from when I was living in New Orleans has been diagnosed with lymphoma. I've been working on a prayer blog for her in my "computer time", thus no cute Michael pictures have been appearing here of late. The good news is that now that I have her blog up and running, it'll be easy to maintain. So, I can begin creating on this blog again. :) Please check out my friend Kristi's blog and please remember her in your prayers.

Things here are going well, other than me being worried for my friend (but worrying doesn't help and praying is the thing to do!). Michael is so much fun right now (he always is, but especially right now). He has one sharp little tooth on his bottom gum. He's quite proud of it and loves to chomp on my finger if it's close enough to pull into his mouth! He is getting more mobile. He's been rolling for quite a while now but has recently discovered how to use this "trick" to get to the things he's interested in.

We had a good Mother's Day. It was my first with Michael and my sixth without my mother. Michael was publicly dedicated at church and we had a nice lunch at the house afterward. I still missed my mom - guess I always will! One thing is certain - I love being Michael's mommy.

I'll try to get some new pictures up soon. I feel inspired to begin writing more - up 'til now this has mostly been a picture blog. So, yall keep me accountable to that, ok
? :)

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