Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blast from the Past

A friend posted some old photos on Facebook recently - talk about a blast from the past! These photos were taken in April of 2000. I was finishing up my dissertation at Tulane and had gone to Houston for a weekend trip to see some MSU buddies of mine. That's me on the far left with some really short hair! Jason and I had not started dating quite yet. Next to me is my wonderful friends Derek and Lisa. Next comes Lauri and Ernie (they were dating and that weekend was the first time I met her - such a sweet girl!) and then on the far right is my dear friend Tim (who is now married to his own Lisa). With the exception of Lauri, I met this crew freshman year when we all lived in Garner Hall on MSU campus. We had lots of fun times at State, especially our senior year! Wish we all lived closer together so our families could spend more time together!

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