Friday, February 6, 2009

Now He Sleeps

Here's Oscar. It's the middle of the afternoon, and where is he? Sleeping in the closet. Why is he so tired? Well, let's recap last night, shall we?
2:30 am Michael's baby monitor alarm went off (he was all the way over to one side of the crib, so it thought he was missing). Missy tells Jason that she's going to check on him (no response). She rearranges Michael in the crib, trying not to wake him. Return to bed, make sure husband is breathing.
5:00 am Oscar begins fussing for breakfast. Jason gets up, brings cat back to bed to try to quiet him so as not to wake Michael. We both hold him down in bed and pet him.
5:30 am Oscar singing, baby fussing. Missy gets up, gives baby paci and feeds Oscar.
6:00 am Oscar sings some more. Missy speculates he might need water. Jason says he doesn't care what he wants. Missy gets up, checks baby, can't find cat.
6:15 am Oscar is now downstairs caterwalling. Jason goes down in futile attempt to entertain cat and make sure he uses the litter box. Cat appears to be constipated.
6:45 am Jason comes back to bed. Baby is grunting. Missy tries to get in 15 more minutes of sleep.
7:00 am Alarm goes off. All else is quiet. Missy and Jason stay in bed 15 more minutes.
7:15 am Guilt that baby may be hungry motivates Missy to get up. Jason goes downstairs to fetch bottle. Discovers cat is no longer constipated. Evidence left on carpet.
7:20 am Missy feeds baby, Jason cleans carpet, cat demands more food...
7:30 am Missy makes coffee. Cat goes to bed.

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